The Crypto Studio

Build dynamic NFTs

This is a place where you can create tradable, digital assets from any piece of audio or image. What’s more, you don’t need to be an expert to use The Crypto Studio.
Mint NFTs
Upload your audio file and mint your NFT. You can mint from a variety of beautiful visualisations.
Update Minted NFT Audio
Feel like changing the tune of your minted NFT? No problem, you can easily update the audio file of your NFT.
Network With Artists
Network with other artists and creators on the platform.

How to use this platform?

  • Mint Your Space – choose a name of your NFT collection, an image and mint a space
  • Mint NFT – choose a name of your NFT, write a description, upload an audio and mint your NFT
  • Update NFT audio – head over to your NFTs page and click on pencil icon to update the audio of your NFT
  • Network with other creators – head over to the Group Chat page and network with other creators

What's to come?

We also want to make it so that digital artists can come and build cool things by providing a guide of how to use our native Dynamic features written natively inside the CryptoStudio smart contract.
The future of CryptoStudio is to make it more accessible to the public. We want to make it so that anyone can create their own Dynamic NFTs with zero coding experience by creating a free and open to use web-based tool for designing and developing dynamic 2D & 3D NFT models.

Have a look at some of our NFTs